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More Flexible. More Usable. More Organized.

You asked for more. More flexibility, more efficiency, and easier ways to handle the overwhelming details that can bog you down every day. We listened.

Introducing CommunityCore Solutions, a new permitting solution that combines web-based and mobile tools to streamline your daily business department functions. CommunityCore Solutions make your job easier and your staff happier with an easy-to-use system flexible enough to fit the unique needs of each person and permit. Reduce wasted time and paper, cut costs, and communicate more efficiently, inside and outside the department.

Support your building department and your community with an intuitive platform that includes:

  • Simple-to-navigate permitting system—Save time with a much more flexible and easy-to-use permitting solution that truly sets us apart.
  • Offline capabilities in a mobile app for inspections–View workloads, write notes, take pictures, and communicate easily while in the field, even without an internet connection.
  • Uniquely personal customer support—Rely on the expertise of one of the most responsive Customer Support teams in the industry.

A better permitting solution is on the horizon. Ready to learn more?

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